Water doesn’t get any cleaner than this. Water, free of chemicals and contaminants. Water that tastes great, nurtures your skin and hair and makes clothes feel softer and last longer, while saving you money. Your plumbing and water using appliances will perform better and last longer with high-quality water flowing through them. Discover water filtration options for your home today. If you’re already drinking clean water, add a myriad of health benefits by boosting alkalinity with one of our alkaline/ionizer systems.

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Get a free water test today and find out how you can enjoy pure, high-quality water throughout your home. Determining your unique water chemistry is the first step to ensuring you have the right water filtration solution for your home or business, whether the problem is hardness, pH (acidity or alkalinity), iron, staining and/or other issues.


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Customized Solutions

Kangen Water System, Alkaline/Ionizer Systems

Alkaline/Ionizer Systems

If you have ever wondered about alkaline/ionized water or have attempted to compare ionizer products online, then you already know how confusing choosing the right one can be. Let Shiloh Water Systems™ Water Professionals guide you through the process. We have already invested considerable time and energy sifting through consumer feedback, evaluating ionizer product design, longevity, differences in features, benefits etc. to find the product(s) that truly stand out from the rest.

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Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy the best drinking water possible without the plastic bottle waste. Our water professionals can identify what’s in your water during your free onsite water analysis. We can then customize and build the Kinetico drinking water system that best suits your needs.

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Water Softener

A Kinetico water softener provides your family or business with abundant, clean, soft water on demand. From multi-tank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional, electric approach, Shiloh will test your water, present the results and recommend the best options for your specific water chemistry. Ask us which water softener is right for you.

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Well Pumps

Shiloh Water Systems offers a wide variety of the highest quality pumps in the industry. From submersible well pumps and jet pumps to booster pumps and sump pumps – we test drive every product before we agree to sell it, ensuring maximum performance and longevity. Offering high-quality products, combined with our technical experience, results in satisfied customers. Find out which pump is right for you.

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Well Pumps

Whole House Water Systems

Challenging water problems are no match for our Kinetico Whole-house Water Systems, designed to eliminate contaminants and impurities throughout your home, restoring your water to its most pristine state.

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No matter your water problem or budget, Shiloh Water Systems™ has a customized, clean water solution to meet your needs. Shiloh has access to hundreds of different water filtration options as well as pumps, pressure tanks, storage systems and more. As the authorized independent Kinetico dealer for the entire Willamette Valley, Shiloh is proud to bring you the most reliable, effective and efficient non-electric drinking water systems, water softeners and filters on the market, all Made in the USA!

Shiloh Water, A Name You Can Trust

From Our Customers

“I phoned you with a question about salty water from my Kinetico softener. You were kind enough to not only walk me through the rinse process, but you also sent an owners manual for my unit. So far the system works great, but I know who to call if it doesn’t.”

Peter, Lake Oswego, OR

“Thanks so much for all of your help with our water nightmare. We appreciate your expertise and your going ‘the extra mile’ to help us.”


“Thank you! Our water is much improved and gets better everyday. We appreciate your work and professionalism.”

Mary Jo

“The system is working better than I ever imagined!”

Mel & Peggy

“Thanks, Mike, for getting Judah out here so quickly on the simple pump install. Here’s a fine worker and the pump install went smoothly. I’m really pleased with the results.”


“Thanks for your quick response to our water problem. You are the best at what you do.”

Kirk and family

“I have had my Kinetico system just over a year. I no longer have iron bacteria stains on my bath fixtures. I greatly enjoy the shower water, and my laundry is amazingly cleaner with the use of the soft water.”

Patricia, Keizer, OR

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Simple Pump you installed today and especially with the service you’ve provided. Everyone I’ve met and spoken to at Shiloh Water Systems have been friendly and professional. I’ve enjoyed doing business with you.”

Jon, Lafayette, OR

“Had my Kinetico S150 installed last Friday. Right away I noticed I could no longer smell dirty metal from a glass of water and no metallic taste! Just that makes me very happy. There is no salt taste either and showers are definitely nicer to take. Now I can hardly wait to no longer notice iron staining and hard water build up on my fixtures. Thanks Dan for all the info and thanks Judah for the install. I would recommend you guys to any one wanting better water.”

Gayle, Sherwood, OR

“Absolutely the best service, prompt & knowledgeable!”

Roberta O.