Shiloh Water Systems takes great pride in the services and products we provide. We offer the most efficient and green water filtration solutions that Oregon can offer including salt free options. We know how passionate Oregonians are about clean drinking water because we share that same passion, with the experience at solving virtually any water problem. We will test your water for free, and design a custom solution that meets your water quality goals and budget.

Shiloh Water Systems has the experience to solve common issues as well as rare water problems. Some common water issues that we encounter are hard water, excess iron, sulfur and chlorine as well as other contaminants. Having contaminated water can negatively affect your health and the value of your home. Water issues like hard water left untreated can cause buildup of lime scale on fixtures and in pipes, affect skin and hair, stain dishes and ruin your clothes. Contaminated water can have many negative consequences to ones health, which is why it is important to remove the contamination as soon as possible.

Shiloh Water Systems are experts at filtering and purifying contaminated water supplies. With our professional and comprehensive service, you can go back to enjoying clean and pure drinking water in no time. If necessary, we are more than capable of repairing your water filter system, or install a new one. We install water softening systems, whole house water filters, drinking water systems, storage tank systems, well pumps and much more. No other water company can match our high levels of customer service and professionalism.

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